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  • Danc'eM Teacher's Workshop 2018
    dates to be announced

    for Music and Classroom Materials,
    and to learn the Danc'eM method of teaching small children

    Ages 2-8

    Studio Owners, Dance Teachers, or Teaching assistants. NO unpaid observers!

    Secaucus, NJ  a two day Teacher Workshop
    Embassy Suites, Secaucus, NJ (call for room 1-201-864-7300 $169.00 king or 2 queen suite)

    Come for One Day or Both days

    • Two Days Of Personal Instruction & Interaction With Deanna Low,
      Dance Teacher/Studio Owner for 35 Years, Danc'eM
      Musical Producer, Choreographer, And Lyricist
    • Learn The Danc'eM Method For Teaching Creative Movement
      for ages 2-7, Tap For Ages 3-5, And Ballet For Ages 5-8
      and Barbie Jazz.
    • How to handle unruly children and parents, how to make more money,
      increase your enrollment, keep your dancers coming back year after year.
    • How to get into and stay in private schools and day care centers
      and teach dance.
    • What to teach each age group and music to use to teach it.
    • How to have everyone paid by the 15th of the month and ALL the costume money paid by any date you set! Guaranteed
    • Deanna will be teaching most of the Danc'eM materials and Niki will teach the Hip Hop Program from 2012. We will teach everything Danc'eM sells
      NEW!!!  Hip Hip for age 3-5.
    • Registration Includes Teacher's Notes, Certificate, And Your Choice Of $100 Worth Of Danc'eM Music or Books  or downloads, FREE!
    • $299 Workshop Fee ($199 One Day)
      Call the office to sign up for one day.
      $250.00 for assistants, and $199.99 if you are a returning teacher

     $299.00  Teachers for 2 days 2014 Danc'eM Workshop

 $250.00   2 days for assistants, includes free materials

for retuning teachers (2days) $199.99  
If you have attended our Workshop in the past you can return for $199.99 for 2 days

no free materials

$250.00 special rate for early registration. February only.
Includes 2 days and $100.00 free materials.


If you want to sign up yourself and three other teachers or assistants you can come for free. Just sign up the three assistants or teachers and call  the office at 1-888-432-6236 (or send me an email) and tell us your name so you can come for FREE!!!

Click here for more information about the hotel and directions from different airports.
See what teachers are saying about the workshop:

Teacher Comments about Danc'eM's Workshops

Wow! how great was it to be taught the new Hip Hop by Niki who wrote it with Deanna!!!!!
I loved it!!!!! I will definitely be back next year.    sm 2012


The Danc'eM Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for both
novice and experienced teachers to connect with others,

Just got your note and so happy to hear from you.  I can't tell you how invigorated and re-charged I feel for registration!  You are one of the most "down to earth - tell it like it is" educators in the dance industry that I've ever met. I have a feeling that I'll be hearing 'Perfume' playing in the Dance Studio this afternoon!!!
Thanks so much for taking the picture with us (at the 2007 Workshop). I'm posting it outside the studio
with our certificates.
Regards, Joanne NY

LOVED the workshop. It was everything I wanted it to be. Lots of personal attention to our problems and solutions to what to teach this year. I will definitely be back next year!
Susan, NY 07

Deanna, Don't change a thing about the Workshop.
It was perfect. A.B    PA 

Hi Deanna, I truly enjoyed your summer workshop in Atlantic City!
Bonnie, Ohio 

Hi Deanna,
All of my classes are starting up in a few weeks and I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful ideas and the inspiration that you shared so generously at the Atlantic City Workshop! I think the most important information you game me personally was to begin writing and keeping each lesson so that every year I don't have to go and re-invent from beginning.  I am keeping my class lists now!  I am also working on getting a business license and getting that business incorporated and insured.  This wouldn't be happening without your workshop!
Jennifer,  Wisconsin

Pictures of our Danc'eM's Summer Workshop
July 16 and 17, 2011
Old Town Alexandria, VA at the Sheraton Hotel

Here we are (most of us, some had to leave early), still smiling after 2 days of FUN in our Boas after doing the Barbie Model dance with Nikki and Susan.


We had samples of everything! to look at and to buy. Including props for all the dances that we have that use props. Get them here and stop running around town trying to find what you need.


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