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Complete Recitals
These recital themes come with music, free teacher's notes and suggestions to help you plan a successful recital using a theme. Dances with an * next to them means a totally instrumental dance for intermediate and advanced.

Wondrous Working Toy Factory Performance CD $29.99

1. Start the Show (w/o vocal) 1:59
2. Wondrous Working Toy Factory Workers  (w/o vocal) 2:17
3. Baby Doll  (w/vocal) 2:43
4. Baby Doll (w/o vocal) 2:43
5. Rag Doll (w/vocal) 2:10
6. Rag Doll (w/o vocal) 210
7. Mermaid and Sailors (w/vocal) 2:44
8. Mermaid and Sailors (w/o vocal) 2:44
  10.  Doll Doctor (w/o vocal) 2:26
11. Wind Up Toy (w/vocal)  2:23
12.  Wind Up Toy (w/o vocal)  2:23
 13. *Clean Up Crew (hip hop) (w/o vocal)  3:08
14. Mexican Doll  (w/vocal) 2:36
  15. Mexican Doll  (w/o vocal) 2:36
16. Oriental Doll  (w/vocal) 2:39
  17. Oriental Doll  (w/o vocal) 2:39
  18. Music Box Doll (w/vocal) 3:04
19. Music Box Doll (w/vocal) 3:04
20. Princess Doll  (w/vocal) 3:07
21. Princess Doll  (w/o vocal) 3:07
  *22. Can Can (w/o vocal) 2:30
23. End the Show (w/o vocal) :54.

This great CD is an enhanced CD and contains all the music, dance notes, idea package, recital ideas and stage help you need to make a wonderful show. To hear the music put The CD in your CD player, to see the notes and other text, put the CD into your computer.


To instantly download the Wondrous Working Toy Factory
for $22.55 Add to Cart

Through the Garden Gate Performance CD $29.99

This Double CD contains 16 dances to use for performances. Lovely music that cues the dancers so it is easier to learn the dance steps because the steps fit the music perfectly. Dances with * have vocal instruction bands and performance bands. Bands 1,2,3, 15, 16 have songs; the other 11 are instrumental only. All have free written choreographic notes
free with the purchase of the "Through the Garden Gate" CD, is the "Through The Garden Gate Idea Package". The complete "Through the Garden Gate Idea Package" is designed to aid you in creating the best show ever! This package helps you build from that basic idea to create a wonderful "Through the Garden Gate" show for your dance studio! Ideas on solos, other class dances, other music, back drops, sets, props, sample program cover and a lot more. Comes on a Data CD.

1.Tapping Lady Bugs -Tap Beginners Level I, (song and dance) 2:24
2. Star Light Star Bright (Prop) Pre Ballet (song and dance) 2:20
3. Tapping Lightening Bugs *- Tap Beginners Level I, (song and dance) 2:07
4. *Butterflies- Ballet Beginning Level 1, 2:35
5. *Carnations  Ballet Intermediate I Ballet, 2:08
*6. Daisies - Pre Ballet Dance 1:46
7. *Gardening Maids (Or Gardeners) Tap Intermediate, 2:30
8. *Honey Bees, Ballet Level I, 2:33
9. *Buttercups - Ballet Beginning Level II, 2:15
*10. Orchids Ballet Advanced, 3:01
11. Pansies  Tap Advanced Beginners, 2:36
*12. Roses  Ballet Intermediate I, 2:21
13. *Sunflowers  Ballet Beginning Level I, 2:23
14. *Tulips Ballet Level I Advanced, 2:39
15. Dancing Bunny * Pre Ballet (song
and dance) 1:43
16. Little Clouds  Lyrical (song and dance) 3:01
Order this music CD and the data CD both for $29.99.

The complete 'Through the Garden Gate' Show idea package is designed to aid you in creating the best show in your area. These ideas have been used and adored by our audiences, as will be yours! this  package is designed to build from that basic idea to help you create a wonderful "Through the Garden Gate" for your dance studio! This is an enhanced CD which means that you get music and data all on the same CD. Just put it in your CD player for the music and into your computer for the notes.
Purchase this Enhanced CD

with all the dances and all the ideas for $29.99


To download this CD for $19.99 and get it instantly with music, dance notes and recital suggestions, and cover art for show
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Under the Sea - A Theme Recital

  1. Open the Curtain - Creative Movement
(ages 2-3)
  2. Crabby Octopus Tap  I (ages 3-5)
3.  *Waves - Beginning pointe
(ages 12-14)
4. *Pirates -Tap III (ages 9-12)
  5. Sea Foam-Advanced  Ballet (teens and adults)
6. Jelly Fish Rock and Roll- Beg Tap I (ages 3-5)
7. Funny Little Crabs-  Beginners Ballet (ages 6-8)
  8. At the Beach- Creative Movement (ages 3-4)
9. A School of Fish - Creative Movement (ages 3-4)
  10. *Treasure - Intermediate Tap (ages 8-10)
  11. My Name is Pearl - Tap II (ages 5-7)
  12. Mermaids - Tap I (ages 5-7)
13. Close the Curtain - Creative Movement (ages 2-3)

In addition to these great dances you also get a data CD with recital ideas, cover art to use for your program, additional music ideas, costume ideas from Costume Gallery, and how to make this into a full length recital. This is a great theme and wonderful music.
If you haven't tried to use a theme in your recitals,
this is a painless way to get started.
We offer complete support for you!

to order this Enhanced CD which contains the music, the ideas, and notes, click here


Buy an instant download (music and notes) of Under the Sea for
$22.55 Add to Cart  

Dancing the Circus

 Performance CD

   Teacher notes free. All songs include voice over on one band and without voice over on the performance band to use in the show.
Tap notes available for $5.00.
Click on the musical note to hear  mp3 files.
Songs/dances include:

 1. Welcome To The Circus 2:02
 2.  Here Come The Clowns 2:28

3. Elephants 1:05
4. Little Lions 1:30
5. Balloons 1:48
6. Little Doggies in the Show 1:58
7. Tigers 1:36
8. Cotton Candy 1:28
9. Closing To The Circus 0:50

Price includes a data CD with a complete circus show idea packet including:
Circus Show Names
Circus Set ideas (back drop and stage sets)
 Solo dance ideas to add excitement to the circus
 Other dance ideas to go with the circus theme to help you
round out your entire show.
 Prop ideas
 Back stage ideas
Other web sites where you can purchase other Circus music for your show
Ideas for your concession stand
Free Circus program cover

Order this complete package that includes Dancing the Circus, and the free data CD with ideas to improve and expand your show for $19.99.


Download this music and notes instantly for $15.99 Add to Cart  


If you already have our Creative Movement Vol. 5 Circus and want to order the data CD. Just click below and for $10.00 you will get the data CD with all the circus ideas to help you make your circus show really spectacular.

Order (if you already have this music CD and only want the data CD with the teacher's notes and recital help)


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