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Teacher Comments about Danc'eM's Workshops
Here are just a few comments about our workshop
from teachers who attended it.

Wow! how great was it to be taught the new Hip Hop by Niki who wrote it with Deanna!!!!!
I loved it!!!!! I will definitely be back next year.    sm 2012


The Danc'eM Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for both
novice and experienced teachers to connect with others,
build a solid foundation in teaching dance to young children,
and refresh and rejuvenate for the upcoming fall season.  TR   2012


This was so great. I really liked the Hip Hop and the fact that everything was demonstrated with time for questions.  I use all your programs and can't wait for more. This has changed my studio so much for the better. thanks Deanna   mc    2012

 As both a classroom (she has a Masters in Early Childhood Education--Added by Deanna) and dance teacher I greatly appreciated the individual attention the workshop offered. Deanna is a "teachers teacher". Her years of studio ownership experience and dance experience combine to create a workshop that provides material that can be used
immediately upon returning to your studio.  K 2011

 I found it wonderful to be surrounded by a small group of teachers all sharing the passion for dance and experiencing many of the same issues that I was facing. ML 2011


  I am certainly glad to be returning this summer to the Danc'eM workshop where I look forward to learning and strengthening my teaching skills in a a relaxed, joyful, and educational atmosphere. Kerry, NY June 2011


Everyone was sooo nice. Niki and Susan were very helpful when I started to pick out my FREE music.
 I loved everything!   DB 2010

I Loved it, I loved it. Thanks for answering all the questions (no questions is stupid) and I felt really at ease with the questions I did have.  I appreciate that you took the time to help everyone. SL  2010

We loved everything, it was a great bonding experience for myself and my teachers.
Thanks for everything. ML 2009

 loved the variety of topics, business meetings and discussion about ways to improve. Loved your energy and of course 'smile'. LM Unity Dance  '08


Deanna, I loved the explanations of hard to teach ballet steps. K Dance Ways '08

I loved talking to other business owners and the new Pre-Tap Stories and the
new Pre-Tap Program.  OV   CA  '08

I loved meeting Deanna and all the teachers expically the owners. The variety of materials and subjects I really liked. PA ST. Paul, MN '08

I really loved how you showed us how to break down the steps (ballet) for younger dancers. Everything was really great! AF, '08

Finally a class on Creative Movement. I loved it! Also loved the music with props.
Christina, '08


I really liked being able to sample all the music and dances. Thank you for the 'voice overs' they make learning easier for the students. MB '08


Just got your note and so happy to hear from you.  I can't tell you how invigorated and re-charged I feel for registration!  You are one of the most "down to earth - tell it like it is" educators in the dance industry that I've ever met. I have a feeling that I'll be hearing 'Perfume' playing in the Dance Studio this afternoon!!!
Thanks so much for taking the picture with us (at the 2007 Workshop). I'm posting it outside the studio
with our certificates.
Regards, Joanne NY

LOVED the workshop. It was everything I wanted it to be. Lots of personal attention to our problems and solutions to what to teach this year. I will definitely be back next year!
Susan, NY 07


Deanna, Don't change a thing about the Workshop.
It was perfect. A.B    PA 


Hi Deanna, I truly enjoyed your summer workshop in Atlantic City!
Bonnie, Ohio 


Hi Deanna,
All of my classes are starting up in a few weeks and I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful ideas and the inspiration that you shared so generously at the Atlantic City Workshop! I think the most important information you game me personally was to begin writing and keeping each lesson so that every year I don't have to go and re-invent from beginning.  I am keeping my class lists now!  I am also working on getting a business license and getting that business incorporated and insured.  This wouldn't be happening
without your workshop!
Jennifer,  Wisconsin

Thanks Deanna, The workshop was great!!!  When you asked for suggestions about making it better next year, I just couldn't imagine how it could be better!!!!  Thanks for everything!
  Hannah, FL


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