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Songs below with an asterisk (*) beside them have one band with vocal instructions and a performance
 band without vocal instructions.

Vol. 1 Four Stories To Dance (Time 14:19) Use your imagination while you act out the stories. Pretend you are in a Toy Store, Deep Sea Diving or riding your   Motorcycle and just use your body to express how you feel. Free teacher's notes. All  selections with an asterisk * after them denote a second band without the vocal instruction, suitable for performances.
  Hello* 1:14
Toy Store 7:16
Deep Sea Diving 3:02
Motorcycle 4:01
Good-bye* 1:05

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Vol. 2 Imagine You Are

Use your imagination while you act out the occupations, movement
 and steps heard in these songs.

1. Hello
2. Imagine  You Are #1, 1:28
3. Imagine You Are #2, 1:09
4. Can You Do It? 2:08
5. Be What You Want to Be 2:42
6. Take a Walk #1, 1:55
7. Take a Walk #2, 1:59
8. Take A Walk #3, 2:00
9. I am a Migician 3:16
10. Good Bye 1:03

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Vol. 3 Feel The Music (Time 15:54)
Musical sounds are played and identified for the children to "feel" it and
dance it out. Sounds are then played back randomly to see if the students can "feel the music" and remember the sounds. Very good for improving student's listening ability.

Hello* 1:14
Feel the Music I 2:43
Feel the Music II 3:14
Feel the Music III 3:14
Orchestra 4:24
Good-bye* 1:05
CD sent in the mail $22.98 

To instantly down load Vol. 3 Feel the Music with teacher's notes
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Vol. 4 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Time 13:08)
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo Can You Do It? This is a technique song that has real dance steps for your little ones. Also includes two dances with props and a five minute
warm up to use at the beginning of class. Check out the accessories that go with the Wedding dance on our

Hello*  1:14
Train (warm up) 5:01
Nanny Nanny Boo Boo 2:37
Teddy Bear* 1:46
Wedding 1:39
Hula* 1:46
Goodbye* 1:05

 CD mailed to you  $22.98  
To instantly down load Vol. 4 Nanny Nanny boo Boo with teacher's notes
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Vol. 5 Dancing At The Circus
A full show.
(Time 14:41)
Dance all the fun act at the circus. Dances for ages 3-7. Tap notes available for $5.00 to use as tap dances instead of creative movement dances.

Welcome To The Circus* 2:02
Here Come The Clowns* 2:28
 Elephants* 1:05
Little Lions* 1:30
Balloons* 1:48
Little Doggies in the Show* 1:58
Tigers* 1:36
Cotton Candy* 1:28
Closing To The Circus 0:50

CD sent by mail  $22.98 

To instantly download the music and notes for Dancing the Circus
with teacher' s notes  $17.75  Add to Cart  

Vol. 6 Dancing The Calendar (Time 22:25) Have fun and dance your way through the holidays and seasons. Great to add extra dances to your classes throughout the year. Easy to do and can be learned in a short time.
Also, includes a 5:25 minute warm up to use at the beginning of class.

Butterfly (Warm-up) 5:25
Boo* 2:28
Pilgrims* 0:54
Dancing Snowflake* 1:34
Snow Angel 1:02
 Little Valentine Kids* 1:02
Leprechauns* 2:16
Dancing Bunny* 1:37


To instantly download Creative Movement Vol 6 with music and teacher's notes
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Click HERE to go to our Activity Book that has follow the dots, mazes,
coloring pages and 'find the animals' on Data CD. Print these pages and
give them as hand-outs for your creative movement classes
(this helps the little ones remember what you did in class).
These pages go with the dances on Volumes 1-6.

$9.99 mailed to you 

Instantly download the Activity Book for $5.99 Add to Cart


Our Teddy Bear CD

This  CD is a compilation of some our teddy bear theme dances. There are 8 dances including pre-tap, pre-ballet, tap one and creative movement. Use this for your summer camps or just have a Teddy Bear Day at the studio! Dances with * have one track with vocal instruction and one without.


1. Christmas Teddy Bear *
2. Big Brown Bear
3. Be a Teddy Bear
4. Teddy Bear *
5. Dancing Teddy Bear *
6.Teddy Bear Tap Partner *
7. Teddy Bear Ballet *
8. My Dancing Teddy Bear


Comes with teacher's notes for all dances on the enhanced CD.
Put it in your CD player to hear the music and in your computer
(right click) to see the notes. Be sure to download to your comoputer


$17.75 to buy the instant downloadAdd to Cart

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