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             Comments from teachers about Danc'eM

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I love my new Best Friends material. I have used it for bring a friend day and thinking about how to use it for our camps this summer. Thanks for filling the void of what to do when you do have Bring a Friend...
Sandy, New York  2017

Hi Deanna,  I must commend you and your company for this offer of replacing any Danc'em items lost in the hurricane Sandy.  Most companies would not offer such a wonderful gesture to their customers.  Only a sincere business person like yourself that looks out for their customer base & not the mighty dollar would do this.  
I am so lucky to have met you and your company and many thanks for all you bring us dance teachers. I am lucky I have not lost any of the material I have purchased.   Just keep them coming.
Michele,   PA  10/31/12


Thank you, my studio is fine, (thankfully), but I think that is very thoughtful!
Bonnie  New Jersey 10/31/12

I just wanted to let you know that your gesture to those schools who may have lost music is wonderful.  You are to be commended.  I am sure you will be greatly appreciated by those teachers suffering losses at this time of year.
You're a peach!
Mary   Ohio 10/31/12


Hi Deanna,

We were not affected by Sandy (we are in Ohio) but I just wanted to thank you for your kindness to other teacher who might have lost their music libraries. Thank you!! :)
Krista, Ohio 10/30/12


Dear Deanna,
I wanted to share with you a story that shows how the songs you create have far-reaching effects for children who experience them.
Recently, I vacationed with my family at Disney World, and my daughter, Emily, (who knows and loves your songs from learning them at my studio) had the opportunity to meet Princess Jasmin. While chatting, the Princess asked Emily how she got to Disney World and  Emily replied, "by an airplane".  Jasmin then talked about how much fun traveling on a Magic Carpet Ride is and recommended to Emily that she try it someday.  Without hesitation, Emily responded, "but, I do... at my dance"; I couldn't help but laugh, but the innocence of her conviction, coupled with the intensity with which she believed it, had confirmed for me that the song you have created  "Magic Carpet Ride", was not just a song that Emily listened to, sang along with, and danced to- but one that allowed her to feel as though she really took a "Magic Carpet Ride".
Thank you for your magical songs that engage my daughter's and my students' imagination and for the memories they will likely create.
Gisele   (Aug 2012)


Dear Deanna,

I just want to share with you that this summer I traveled to China to teach dance. I took with me your tap program for beginners
and they loved me just for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a success....not only did they learn tap, they were able to practice their English by listening to your instructions during class
and repeating after you. Tap, tap, tap, feet together!!!!

Thank you,
Ms Ingrid (Aug. 2012)


Hello Deanna,

I just want to et you know I am over joyed with your products !  I have brought two already and plan to buy a few more before September then slowely build on it through the year .  Its wonderful what you do !
Just a couple of things that you may like to consider .  First of all I love the attendence records , but there are only four columes on each month and some months have five weeks of classes !
The other thing is it would be nice if the coupines were changable as well as we have forent here in hungary and not dollers !  Though I guess you usually only only have american teachers .
If ever you decide to come to europe let me know I will be the first one on your course !!!!

Once again thank you for this wonderful service you offer for teachers !

sandra (Hungary, Aug 2012)

(This is a great suggestion and I am fixing the coupon this week!- Deanna)


Thank you, Deanna, for your work with these songs. I purchased a few of your CDs last year. The children love the stories! Their favorite is the StoryBook Ballet! I use these with ages 36-6 year olds. (she bought Pre Ballet vol. 4 and 5)

Deborah TX (May 2012)
Hi Deanna,
Thanks for your emails.
I teach many different styles of dance and over the years have used many different syllabuses, some good some not so great. I havnt ever come across a syllabus that has been written so well and so clear as yours is, its really great. (she bought the advanced ballet syllabus) So i was just wanting to say that if you were to produce a syllabus to take the tap and jazz (and probably the hip hop) to the same level as you have with the advanced ballet then I would definately want to buy it.
Thanks again for your great work, I am so pleased that I came across your website.
Debbie Akers UK (May 2012)

Deanna. I do like your emails. You always give your customers that personal touch.
Mary (Oct 2011)

Hi Deanna, I love your programs.  They have totally revolutionized our programs and the kids love them.
I love your stuff, there is real structure in the program.  The kids absolutely love it!!!!

Thanks so much for having such great resources.  Now we just need hiphop. lol.
Darla, Canada (Oct 2011)

Thank you so much for your creative programs.  I am so happy to get this (she bought the Creative Movement 9 month program for 4-7 year olds) and I have already gotten my props!
Dancingly Yours,
Stacy IL  (Aug2011)

Thank you for being such a blessing in the mist of my frustration...  Dance'M is great!
Marcia (Aug 2011)

Thank you very much for your kind message, Deanna. I'm very glad I bought your syllabus, it is very complete and the music is great. I will start using them soon, and  I'll be buying the other programs in the near future.
Warm regards, 
Alejandra L
China May 2011

Congrats on being such a great resource for dance studios.
R in Springfield, VA  (Feb. 2011.)

Thank you for helping me on the phone the other day. I really appreciated the time you took to get me started on the right track for our recital. 
Becky  in Ohio, (Oct 2010)

OMG Everyone is in love with that 'Little Miss Muffet Dance' with the spider. I took your advice and introduced the spider 'just right'. Thanks again.   NH Oct 2010

Dear Deanna,
I can not thank you enough.......it is so wonderful to know that people do still care about each other.  Especially in our world of Dance.  I've always believed we were special, and what you have done for me today proves that.  You truly are a great friend.
Thank you again,
Claudia   Oct 2010


Hi Deanna,
Just wanted you to know all the kids loved the Ballet Two lesson today. I love it too!
Paula 2010

Hi Deanna,

I had my first set of classes last week and used the Danc'eM materials, the kids loved the music. Thanks for putting it all together.
Have a nice day!
 Jessica (2010)
Thanks! I love spending time visiting on the phone with you. I feel like when I buy your programs, I get a mentor too!!  Thanks! Tara, TX 2010

I just had to tell you... I'M FINISHED WITH MY FIRST RECITAL!!  And it's all thanks to you! I used Once Upon a Time with my 3 year olds and their Daddies, and Mirror Mirror with my 4 year olds to go along with my princess theme and it was a HIT! The Once Upon a Time Dance was so well received, I've been asked to make it a tradition to do it every year! I had parents with little ones say, "I can't wait until my daughter and her Daddy can do that!!" So thank you!  TM   2010

Hi Deanna,

 Happy New Year!
I've got some good news.  Based on the success of my teaching, and the growth of my classes I've just received a dollar per hour raise!!
My little classes at the dance studio are doing so well!  I don't think I could be as successful with the 2 year olds with out your music!
Dawn   (Jan 2010)

Hi Deanna,

Again, thank you so much and I cannot wait to start using these syllabus's with my students, they are going to love them!
Happy Dancing to you and have a great week!
Jacquie  (Oct 2009)


Thank you for talking with me today! Shelley is excited about the prospect of you coming to visit us in Midland Texas. We will explore a Sun/Mon/Tues visit. (Oct 2009)


Dear Deanna,
AGH!!!!!   I got it all on Friday and I just came up for air!  I love it!  It's going to be a great program!  Thanks for writing it! Tera (Oct. 2009)

Everything looks great! I took the manuals to get them printed today- in the binders now!- Now kicking myself for not getting the pre-tap program! Shannon (Oct. 2009)

Hi Deanna, I just wanted to thank you for replacing my October CD. Your customer service is in a class by itself!
I don�t think I ever got back to you on how my Toy Factory Recital went. I wanted to give you the feedback.
What I love about your shows is that you offer many dances.
My shows are preschool only, so I go through and pick the dances that are super simple, or that can be simplified.
I used the following dances: Start the show, Little Rag Doll, Mermaids & Sailors, Wind-up Toy, Clean-up Crew (we turned this into a robot dance, where each dancer got to improv his/her robot moves � really cute and a HUGE HIT!), Mexican Doll � Adios! Then we did an encore � Toy Store (the storuy to dance). I think the creativity of this dance really impressed the parents. They also liked that this was drama as well as dance. And the dancers LOVE THIS DANCE so much, that the parents could really see that.

This is the third year I�ve done one of your shows. I started with under the sea, then did the circus, and now the toy factory. I am hoping to put these on a 3-year rotation, which will put me back at under the sea this coming year. Since I teach 3-5 year-olds, this should work out so that no dancer does the same show twice. I thought that would be a nice way to do it. No matter which show I do, I always get a great response from dancers and parents alike. You make me look good! So thank you so much for that. Your products make my life so much easier. I honestly don�t know what I would do without them!!!!    Maria (July 2009)


Hi  Deanna,
I just wanted to update you also on how well received your material has been in my studio.  All my pre-k ballet classes use the butterfly warm-up and still love it.  I use the stories to dance when we are bored with class. I always incorporate the tap warm-ups into every pre-k class and even 5&6 year olds.   I tried the creative movement on it�s own, but found my 5-7 year olds just can�t get enough of it, so now I have incorporated it into my musical theatre dance class as part of the warm-up exercises.  The teddy bears that I was using in tap have graduated to tumbling class as part of their routine, the wedding dance is in every pre-k ballet and 5& 6 year old class.  All of the material has made my job easier and my students more interested in classes.  The business part of your seminar has made me tougher and more resilient to those �special� customers.  I have gained a courage to run my business as I see fit, even if it means I lose a few by the wayside.  Thanks, and I am looking forward to more of your products in the future.




Thank you so much for getting the "Creative Movement 4-6 yr old" curriculum to me so fast! I've enjoyed going over it and so has my 2 1/2 year old. More than that, thank you for your words of advise--I met with some of my parents today at the open gym day...thanks to you, I was prepared for parents who are a little challenging. Thank you!
 I've also worked on getting my classes set up and am looking forward to the first day this coming Friday. I can't say how much it means to me that you took time to speak with me personally. Thank you.
Blessings, and I'll keep you updated!
 Lynnette  Central Texas, Ballet Instructor



Thank you! Deanna  We are off to a great start this year!  I'm still enjoying all of the materials I've ordered from you and can't tell you how much more organized I feel now!  Any plans for another Barbie Jazz (pt 2)? DM in KY 9/08

Hi Deanna,

I got the book in the mail yesterday.  I've read quite a bit already and am so happy to have it now to refer to.  I actually used the "withdraw your child" tactic just last week with a parent who created a scene about a costume that she claimed looked like the girl on the corner outfit.  It worked like a charm and I walked away feeling soooo good!  The dad actually apologized for his wife's behavior.
Joanne MA  3/08


Thank you for the Year Long Creative Movement Curriculum. I received it today and I love it! It's exactly what I was looking for.
Gretel, CA  01/08


Thank you for being such a fantastic mentor. You helped to make possible my dream of running my own dance business. Thank you! Your advice and nurturing spirit are top notch. Keep up your good work and take care this holiday season. All my best,
Kristin, MO 12/22/07

LOVED the workshop. It was everything I wanted it to be. Lots of personal attention to our problems and solutions to what to teach this year. I will definitely be back next year!
Susan, NY 09/07

Just got your note and so happy to hear from you.  I can't tell you how invigorated and re-charged I feel for registration!  You are one of the most "down to earth - tell it like it is" educators in the dance industry that I've ever met. I have a feeling that I'll be hearing 'Perfume' playing the the Dance Studio this afternoon!!!
Thanks so much for taking the picture with us. I'm posting it outside the studio with our certificates
Regards, Joanne NY 08/07

Deanna, Don't change a thing about the Workshop. It was perfect. A.B    PA  08/07

Hello Deanna,
 I'm just amazed at your such a prompt and personal answer. Wow, I haven't received any materials yet, but I had my first lesson by you already. This is what I call a customer service! Thank you.
 I trust your decision about the CD. Can't wait to receive it all.
 Thank you again,
 Iana. (Belgium)  (March 2007)

Thank you Deanna,    Love talking to you.  (It makes me feel more normal and not so alone....:-) ) 

Can't wait to receive all the products.  And thank you for the help on the Christmas show!!! I knew you could do it!
Thanks again, take care,
(March 07)

I am so glad you emailed me...and right away! I didn't expect it. I mean, now I know why you have so many good reviews, not only about your products. I am so excited about the workshop....and thank you for being considerate!  M from CA March 2007

Thank you very much for sending me the I year Tap Program that I ordered.
Thank you for the orange leis. You are so kind.
Another comment from my 3 years old class: "Ms Ingrid, that is what I call good music! "
My students are loving the classes so much. As soon as I take some pictures I will send you some.
Thank you again for making my job so much easier and helping me enjoy more what I do, teach dance!
Sincerely, Ingrid  (January 2007)


I am using Tap 1 and Tap 2. The students love the different dances and the coloring sheets. I feel that it really helps them to understand tempo by constantly hearing the names of the steps to the beat of the music. They are progressing quickly as a result of how the syllabus is put together.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
You are helping in the training process of a lot of dancers and I have recommended you to other teachers as well.
-LaKeitha  fall/2006

We spoke yesterday and then I went on your web site.  I am so glad you took the time to share your excellent suggestions with me.  I couldn't fall asleep last night because I kept thinking about the dance program that I run and how I want to definitely make some changes for the upcoming season.  Talking to you was just the push that I needed to "take back my business" and be more confident. NP, VT  07/06

The Ballet and Tap syllabuses we ordered are fabulous!!!!! They will help me get my brain organized! ha!    Carrie     07/06

 I also wanted to say "thank you".  We just had our spring recital and used several ideas from your Through the Garden Gate CD.  The "Dancing Bunnies" were the cutest dancers ever! Diane 06/06

I received your business book, and I am amazed that I have finally found something that is right on track with what I envision for my business.  I just opened my studio in July 2005 with 35 students and have grown to 130 to date.  Melanie 5/06

Hi Deanna, I truly enjoyed your summer workshop in Atlantic City!
Bonnie, Ohio  10/3/05


I talked to you about a month ago because my kids were complaining about switching from jazz to ballet, so I just wanted to drop you a note and update you

We had two recitals yesterday using the Garden Material, and I have never received so many compliments on a recital before.  The parents just loved the show!  The kids had a blast!

Thank you so much for all of the ideas and for putting together such a "teacher friendly recital."  I get so tired of thinking of new stuff each year, so this was a dream.

I am very interested in the "Wondrous Working Toy Factory" for next year.  Can you let me know when it is available? 

Thanks again for all of your advice and support.  I greatly appreciate all that you do for all of us frazzled teachers!

Angie from Wisconsin 5/05


Hi Deanna,
All of my classes are starting up in a few weeks and I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful ideas and the inspiration that you shared so generously at the Atlantic City Workshop! I think the most important information you game me personally was to begin writing and keeping each lesson so that every year I don't have to go and re-invent from beginning.  I am keeping my class lists now!  I am also working on getting a business license and getting that business incorporated and insured.  This wouldn't be happening without your workshop!
Jennifer,  Wisconsin 08/05

Thank you for sharing all of your ideas with me.  Your support has helped in so many ways, I don't think I would've ever gotten this thing going without you!   Kris in Kansas City, MO 1/05.

Hi Deanna,  We had our best season  yet!  We had children begging to come to class every day because they loved the material in your program.  I know I will love the new stuff!  Can't wait to get it. 
Dancingly Yours, Cheryl (6/04)

Hi Deanna,
I tried out the dances today with my 5 year olds with great success.  I've been pushing my new girls pretty hard without really teaching the basics from "go", so they were sooooooo happy to have something they could do with complete success. They were very pleased with themselves, and even a little smug. 
I'm four weeks past retiring Nanny Nanny Boo Boo but the 3 year olds can't live without it.  Most of the kids are now addicted to Story Book.  Oh - one of the moms told me her child was a flower girl in a wedding and was the only kid who knew step and touch.
Thanks so much Deanna, for the CDs. Jean   (6/04)

Hi Deanna,
     Just wanted to let you know that our class is still going great!    I think our favorite so far is the Making a Cake dance.  At the end of class, I usually put on the Bubbles song and let the moms and kids blow bubbles as sort of an ending activity.  The moms are really enjoying spending this fun time with their little ones, and I love being a part of it!  Kristy Belcher  (3/04)
Dear Deanna,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy all the CD's I have received. My students are so excited every week. They ask me right when they get there "What are we going to do today Miss Rhonda. I want to go on the magic carpet ride again." I love it so much. It has added so much excitement to each class. And thank you for taking the time to talk to me on the phone. I really appreciate that also. I will be ordering more items this fall and I will highly recommend you to all of my friends and other dance teachers. Thank you again. I feel I have new freshness in my class room.
Rhonda Taylor  (3/04)

Thought I would let you know what the "all time most requested dance" is:  Toy Store!   Even though I do this one in December, I continue to have kids asking to do it the whole rest of the year!  I think they absolutely love that they get to imagine this whole world of the toy store, and enjoy that it is more like a story they can act out than "just a dance"!!!  Kris 3/04)

Hi Deanna, thanks for talking to me about dance teaching yesterday.  I am re-enthused about my toddler classes! - J


Deanna, Thank-you for the update special page.
My name is Niki and I'm from L. A.  and I just bought Ballet Volume 2, Toddlers Vol. 3 and Creative movement Volume 6 . Thanks for the suggestion. These are great. Even though Halloween is over I thought I would give Boo try. Wow what a response the kids love it.
They also love The Dancing Princesses. I have not tried the magic carpet ride because I would like to get a carpet for it first. I think the kids would love that. Well, Thanks again.  Niki  (11/03)


I received your box in the mail yesterday.  That was so sweet of you to send me new material and props (free-feathers).  You have been so helpful and encouraging! Thank you. Sabrina  (09/04)

Hi Deanna,
Thank you for sending the syllabus and CDS. Everything arrived on Tues.Oct. 8th, so that was quick! I I like the syllabus and music. It is a nice break from the usual Checchetti work. Keep in touch!
Angela. (from Canada 10/03)


Thanks for the great service.  I love your material!  The children are having a blast!  Thank you for your prompt attention! I can't wait to get the int. and adv Ballet Barre and Centre. I have been teaching for 31 years and I can always use new ideas.  I try to keep learning and want my instructors to do the same.  I am so glad we have people like you that take the time to produce curriculum that is so good.  Thanks for your great stuff! Cheryl (09/03)


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